How to Remove a Tick - Grooming Guide
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Dog tick are you known to be very dangerous. If you walk with your pet in parks, forests, fields, your dog needs additional protection. I am using a dedicated ticks removal tool. This tool is very simple and you can easily remove dog tick with it. How to get rid of ticks on dogs? First of all, you should protect your dog from fleas and ticks. You can use drops, pills, or collars. Do not walk with your pet in places where there may be a large accumulation of ticks (fields, farms, forests). The owner should very carefully examine the dog's coat after a walk. Remove tick from dog head or other places is done in the same way.

Mothers love toys too
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The toys that small dogs love most are generally the ones that satisfy their natural hunting and chewing instincts and support their physical activity. Here are the types of toys that small dogs like the most: Chew Toys: Small dogs love using their teeth, so chew toys that are sturdy and promote dental health are ideal. Rubber bones or chewing strings fall into this category. Plush Toys: Plush toys are toys that small dogs love to hug and carry. These toys usually have parts that make noise, which attracts the attention of dogs. Balls and Frisbees: Small dogs love toss-and-fetch games because they are energetic. These types of toys both enable them to exercise and help them release their energy. Kong Toys: Kong toys, which can be filled with food or treats, keep dogs mentally busy. Small dogs love these types of toys because they are fun and contain rewards. Puzzle Toys: Toys that provide mental stimulation enable dogs to reach rewards by using their intelligence. Small dogs love these types of toys because they keep them busy and provide rewards. Tug-of-War Toys: String toys are ideal for tug-of-war games. Small dogs love such toys that they can play with their owners or other dogs. The most important thing you should pay attention to when choosing your dog's toys is that the toy is safe and durable. Additionally, choosing the most appropriate toys, taking into account your dog's interests and play style, will help keep him happy and healthy.

Our Shihtzu Puppy Climbing Stairs for the First Time | Very Happy Reaction | Cutest Video
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Dog stairs first time - When you get a puppy it is always a great moment and seeing it grow is another happy moment. In this video you will see Noor trying to climb stairs when she was 8 months old. I'm sure you will love the happiness on his face when he was able to climb the stairs for the first time.

Shih Tzu Dog Talking | She Wants To Go For A Walk | Shih Tzu Puppy Barking For Her Walk
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What is the Ideal Walking Duration for Dogs? It is not a correct approach to talk about a standard time for dogs' walking needs. The duration of the walk varies depending on the dog's age, breed and some other factors. Puppies need shorter walks than adult dogs. Although puppies have more energy, they are not as durable as adults and therefore get tired quickly. For this reason, it is best to take puppies for short but frequent walks. Going for a walk 3-4 times a day at approximately 10-minute intervals is sufficient to meet the needs of puppies. Older dogs can go on longer walks than puppies, but they should walk less than young adult dogs to avoid injury to their joints and muscles. For adult dogs, 20 to 30 minute walks once or twice a day are sufficient. If your dog does not have any health problems, you can extend this period. Adult dogs can take longer walks than both puppies and older dogs. As a matter of fact, young adults need to walk and exercise longer. The dog's breed, body type and personality are important factors that determine walking time. Many adult dogs love to go for walks. If you have time, extending the walking time during the day is one of the things that will make your dog happiest. Small breeds such as Chihuahua, Maltese, Papillion, Pomerian and Yorkshire Terrier generally have shorter walks. Since these dogs have short legs, they need to take more steps than larger breeds to travel the same distance. The walks of brachiocephalic breeds such as Boxer, Bulldog, French Bulldog or Pug should be short. The short noses of these dogs cause them to have difficulty breathing. Increased breathing rate, especially during exercise, causes dogs to strain. Dogs with long backs but short legs, such as Basset Hound, Dachsund, Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Scottish Terrier, generally have short walks. However, just because your dog is healthy and loves walking does not mean that it cannot go on long walks. You can decide the duration by looking at your dog's condition or consult a veterinarian on this issue. For short, flat-faced or small dog breeds, the recommended walking time is limited to 15 - 30 minutes and twice a day. It is better for your dog to take these walks during the cooler hours of the day. If your dog enjoys walking, you can extend this period. Medium to large breed dogs such as Beagles, English Springer Spaniels, Golden Retrievers or Labrador Retrievers can walk for long periods of time. Walking keeps these dogs healthy and fit. Athletic dogs such as the Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Husky, Vizsla or Weimaraner have speed and endurance. These dogs not only like to take long walks, they also want to run and be active. They need a lot of exercise to stay calm and happy at home. Large and athletic breed dogs need to take walks of 30 to 60 minutes at least twice a day. You can increase the frequency or duration of walks as long as your dog is satisfied. The Right Time for a Walk Although dogs tend to go out at any time of the day, early hours of the day or sunset hours are ideal times for walks. Since the weather is cooler at these hours, your dog can have a fun walk without any difficulty. Especially in the hot months of summer, walks in the evening allow your dog to cool down and relax at the same time.

Puppy first time being outside || Puppy’s 1st Expedition
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When can puppies go outside? Puppies learn many things from the first moment they arrive in their new homes. Their love of exploring increases their happiness and health. However, it is very important to do everything right and at the appropriate time. For example, puppies can go outside after they have been vaccinated. When they are vaccinated and they feel ready for socialization, then it is time for socialization and exploration. You should not neglect veterinary checks and vaccinations in order to leave beautiful memories with cute paws that add color to your life. Can I take my puppy out before he is fully vaccinated? It is not recommended to take your puppy outside until they are fully vaccinated as this could expose your dog to infestation. Your best bet is to wait until after the second pass, which is usually about eight weeks after the first dose. This will take time for your dog to build up resistance to picking his hunting system. However, if you live in an area where there is a high risk of spreading disease you should seek advice from your vet. He or she may also recommend waiting until after the second vaccination to take your puppy for a walk. A dog's immune system is formed through natural exposure to the outside world. It's important to socialize your puppy because your puppy has a natural curiosity and loves to sniff around. Getting your puppy used to the outdoors will help your pet grow into a happy, healthy adult dog. Of course, you have to wait for the second vaccine for this. It's important to remember that the risks of keeping your puppy indoors outweigh the risks of taking him out in public. Puppies are more likely to contract diseases from infected dogs and from touching surfaces contaminated with feces and urine from infected dogs.

Marnie the Dog-- Duane Reade Adventure
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When you're having a bad day, just look at that dog and your smile will come back.

My Happiness Shih Tzu Puppies
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Why owning a dog makes you healthier There are many benefits to owning a dog. In addition to their benefits such as extra exercise and best friends for life, dogs; It's a great companion for taking a walk, cuddling on the couch, or playing games, keeping you happier and healthier. That's why having a dog in your life has countless physical and mental health benefits. Spending time with your canine friends does wonders for your health. Recent research shows that owning a dog is good for you, physically and emotionally. Dogs make people happier, healthier, help us cope with a crisis, and can even help you make an appointment. Companion dogs bring countless physical and mental health benefits to your life, but they also require a lot of care and consideration of your lifestyle. 5 physical health benefits of owning a dog: Whether it's going for a walk with a canine friend or playing fetch, dogs are a great excuse to get up, get outside, and move. DOGS HELP OVERALL HEALTH AND HAPPINESS A comprehensive review of studies published between 1950 and 2019 shows that dog parents (and anyone who lives with a dog) respond better to stress, lower blood pressure, and live longer. Dog ownership is also linked to a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease and also helps people recover faster from surgery. DOGS CAN BE GOOD FOR YOUR HEART Dog owners have lower cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure than those without dogs, according to Harvard Health. These health benefits suggest that spending quality time with a dog may help improve overall heart health. DOG OWNERS ENGAGE IN MORE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY "Even if your dog only needs a few short walks a day, they can encourage you to be more physically active," she says. A 2019 study shows that dog owners are almost four times more likely to meet daily physical activity guidelines than non-dog owners. Dog owners walk their dogs for approximately 300 minutes each week when they are outside; This is 200 minutes more than people walking without their dog. DOGS MAKE YOU FEEL LESS ALONE A 2019 Australian study shows new dog owners experience less loneliness within three months. This may be one reason why animal shelters are seeing a huge increase in dog adoptions during the COVID-19 pandemic, when lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have minimized social companionship. DOGS MAKE YOU HAPPIER A 2009 study found that looking into your dog's eyes increases your oxytocin levels. Oxytocin, also known as the "love hormone," helps you form attachment, which generally makes you feel happier

My dogs praying before meal
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My dogs Jaisan and Jia prays before meal.

My Dog Grooming at a Human Hair Salon
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I see her sitting in the beauty salon getting her hair cut. How can she be so gentle? He must be anxious, but even when I lay him down he lifts his front paws and cooperates calmly. No, what kind of dog stands still and gets a haircut like a human at the groomer? How can he sit so calm and still?

Shih Tzus Palace Past From Luxury to Loving Homes
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Shih Tzu's Palace Past: From Luxury to Loving Homes The Shih Tzu breed has a fascinating history that stretches back centuries. These small, toy-like dogs were once the cherished companions of Chinese royalty, living a life of luxury in palaces and being treasured by emperors and empresses. However, as time went on, this regal breed found its way into the hearts and homes of people all over the world, transitioning from a life of opulence to one filled with love and companionship. Originally hailing from China, the Shih Tzu breed has a lineage that can be traced back to ancient times. They were highly regarded by the noble families of the Ming Dynasty and were often given as precious gifts to foreign diplomats. Shih Tzus were considered as valuable as gold and silver and were even exchanged as a form of currency. During the height of their popularity in China, Shih Tzus were kept exclusively within the palace walls, where they lived a life of luxury and were treated as members of the royal family. It was believed that these dogs had a sacred connection to the Chinese lion, and their regal appearance was highly prized. The emperors and empresses would lavish their Shih Tzus with elegant garments and accessories, including jeweled collars and silk robes. The dogs were groomed meticulously, with their flowing, luxurious coats requiring hours of attention each day. However, as with many royal breeds, the fortunes of the Shih Tzu changed over time. The fall of the Qing Dynasty in 1912 brought an end to the extravagant lives of these dogs within the palace walls. The Chinese Revolution saw the aristocracy overthrown, and the once-beloved Shih Tzu breed faced an uncertain future. As the breed was displaced from their royal homes, they found their way into the hearts and homes of everyday people. Shih Tzus were no longer exclusive to the wealthy and privileged. They became popular among the common citizens of China and began to spread to neighboring countries, such as Tibet and Japan.

Shih Tzu reaction to a newborn baby
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Everything is changing When you bring your newborn home, your life will change, and inevitably, the way you manage your dog's leash will have to change as well. He or she will receive all your attention, and even if it is not conscious, your sole focus will now be on the newborn baby. Some dogs adapt quickly and take on the role of protector and watchdog; Some dogs are slower to respond and need some help to feel comfortable in this new situation in the family. One area that poses a potential problem is where he sleeps. If he sleeps in bed with you, another comfortable spot should be created for him to sleep. Find something to put him in this new spot that reminds him of you and makes him feel happy and safe. Making this change can sometimes take several weeks; But you must persist. Your dog will eventually learn and be happy with his new bed.

I'm enjoying a dream home-sitting life, (Shih Tzu dog Bacon sitting at home)
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Bacon, a Shih Tzu dog, sits at home (filmed with Petcube Bites, a pet tracking camera that provides treats). Bacon-chan always has fun while he's away with Petcube Care. I'm enjoying a dream homesteading life, watching dog channel shows and buying my favorite treats online.

Two-headed Marcy Zoo Puppy. This is how it turned out after my first trim!
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DON'T CALL DOGS (UGLY) Ornamental dogs are more intelligent animals than expected. He can sense what is said and what is thought about him. It can be easily understood from their reactions that these animals understand the difference between good and bad words. Moreover, depending on their psychology, they can sometimes be lively and sometimes stagnant. Ornamental dogs that come to the hairdresser do not want their hair cut and become very grumpy when it is cut. The dog, which normally has a lively and affectionate attitude, becomes stagnant after the hairdresser. It does not even show affection to its owner. For this reason, more beautiful sentences should be preferred instead of ugly ones, and the dog should be helped to overcome this problematic situation. Additionally, the dog should be kept away from a mirror where it would notice its hair being cut. Otherwise, the dog's psychology may deteriorate. Dogs that go out during the cold winter months must be dressed in something. Dogs that stay at home all the time may catch cold and become ill during the winter months because their natural immune system against the cold is not sufficiently developed.

Cute Shih Tzu puppy - Mini Cooper barks
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"I'm not cute, I'm terrifying. Hear how the mighty roar."