Shih Tzu catching baby 🀣🐢😍
  • 23.02.2024
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The baby is about to cry, but the mother pulls the camera away, so it looks like she is barking to see the baby.Shih Tzu is loving.

How Important Is Socialization for Shih Tzus
  • 22.02.2024
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Socialization is highly important for Shih Tzus, as it helps them develop into well-adjusted, confident, and friendly companions. Here's why socialization is crucial for Shih Tzus: Behavioral Development: Early and consistent socialization exposes Shih Tzus to various people, environments, sights, sounds, and experiences. This helps in shaping their behavior and responses, making them more adaptable and less likely to develop fear or aggression towards unfamiliar situations or individuals. Reduced Anxiety and Fear: Properly socialized Shih Tzus are less likely to experience anxiety or fear in new or different situations. They learn to remain calm and confident, regardless of the environment or circumstances.

shih tzu] MoMo Enjoy the Tidy-up
  • 17.02.2024
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MoMo listens to her mother really well. Now she is a clean, tidy, gorgeous baby.

23 How do Shih Tzu live in a house?
  • 15.02.2024
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Taking care of more than one dog at home can be an enjoyable experience, but it can also have some downsides. Here are the potential challenges in this situation: Hierarchy Issues: Ranking and hierarchy issues can arise between dogs. Competition or leadership struggles may occur between some dogs. This indicates that attention and resources must be distributed fairly. Behavior Problems: Multiple dogs can cause behavior problems. Situations such as jealousy, fighting, and food fights may arise. Proper training and socialization are important. Vet Checks and Care Issues: Managing the health and care needs of multiple dogs can be difficult. Dogs of different ages, breeds and health conditions may have different needs. Resource Conflicts: There may be competition in demands for resources such as food, toys, and attention. This can lead to conflicts and fights between dogs. Training Challenges: Training multiple dogs can be time consuming and distracting. It is important to create training plans that suit each dog's individual needs. Housekeeping Issues: Multiple dogs can cause housekeeping issues within the home. More lint, odors and other cleaning issues may need to be dealt with. Social Needs: Dogs are social creatures and it is important to provide adequate social interaction. When caring for multiple dogs, it can be difficult to meet each dog's social needs. Cost: Multiple dogs may incur additional costs. More expenses may be required for veterinary care, food, toys and other supplies. Despite these difficulties, many people find owning more than one dog enjoyable. With the right planning, training and attention, living with more than one dog in a household can become a positive experience.

Shih Tzu puppies 3 months old playing
  • 13.02.2024
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Shih Tzu puppies enter an energetic and cheerful play period when they are three months old. These cute little friends learn to explore the world, develop their abilities and increase their social skills through games. Three-month-old Shih Tzu puppies show great enthusiasm and curiosity in their play. They improve their social skills by interacting with each other during the game. At the same time, they increase their jaw strength by playing with various toys and improve their coordination by trying various movements. This period also allows Shih Tzu puppies to form a strong bond with their owners. The time they spend with their owners during games lays the foundations of mutual love and trust. Positive interactions with family members and other pets positively impact the social abilities of Shih Tzu puppies. The energetic games of Shih Tzu puppies not only provide fun and cute moments to their owners, but also support the physical and mental health of dogs. Appropriate play and entertainment provided during this period helps Shih Tzu puppies make a healthy transition to a happy and healthy adulthood.

Shih tzu Dog Shows Tricks on Valentines Day | Happy Heart's Day !
  • 13.02.2024
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Sending you Happy Valentine's Day hugs!

Shih Tzu puppies, tiny fluff balls, dazzling with their cuteness,(Shih Tzu Puppies)
  • 11.02.2024
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Shih Tzu puppies, tiny fluff balls and dazzling with their cuteness, appear before us like plush toys that soften our hearts. Those tiny paws, soft ears covered with feathers and big eyes become symbols of innocence and love. The energy of these little angels, their lively attitude, their cheerful tails and their cute barks that show their love for their owners, instantly turn our house into a warm home. The explosion of cuteness they experience while taking their first steps, those innocent winking looks, warms one's heart. Shih Tzu puppies' fur has complex but beautiful patterns that need a comb. These feathers, which require care, become a part of those pleasant moments spent with their owner. Decorating them like a prince or princess and embracing them with love strengthens our bond with each other. The presence of a tiny Shih Tzu in our home adds joy, love and simplicity to our lives. Watching them walk with their cute paws, approach us with their puppy eyes, and sleep peacefully in a corner of the house is a real source of happiness. In short, Shih Tzu puppies add meaning to our lives not only with their cuteness, but also with the joy and love they bring. Each of them is a unique treasure, little Shih Tzus conquer our hearts with their loving paws.

Shih Tzu Arguing with Daddy
  • 08.02.2024
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He talks too much but he's so sweet. I won't mess with that little guy!

How Your Shih Tzu Says 'I Love You' Mom
  • 07.02.2024
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Today's Episode we will share secret ways that how shih tzu express their love to their Mom and Dad.

My Shih Tzu Dog is an IMPOSTOR!
  • 06.02.2024
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Borgy, king of all hearts, your father is being funny, he won't cut anything! He loves you very much! So are we!❀

5 Surprising Benefits of Owning a Shih Tzu: #5 Is Precious!
  • 31.01.2024
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Unveil the hidden perks of owning a Shih Tzu with these 5 surprising benefits. Prepare to be amazed as this video reveals remarkable advantages that may have escaped your knowledge.

We are trying to understand each other.Shih Tzu puppies, dogs - overtime, important conversation, barking
  • 30.01.2024
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Dogs use a variety of methods to communicate with each other. Their communication often focuses on body language, sounds, and smell. Here are some of the ways dogs communicate with each other: Body language: Tail Wagging: Tail wagging is a common body language used to express a dog's emotional state. A quick tail wag usually expresses excitement or happiness, while a low tail usually expresses fear or anxiety. Ear Positions: Dogs express their emotional states by positioning their ears in different ways. For example, erect ears often indicate that they are alert, curious, or excited. Sounds: Barking: Barking is a common type of sound for communication between dogs. Barking can be used to signal if there is danger, to attract attention, or to interact with other dogs. Howling: In some cases, dogs can communicate using howling. This is usually done for the purpose of bringing other dogs together or calling out to the owner. Smell: Sniff: Dogs communicate with each other by smelling each other. This can help them communicate information such as the other dog's gender, health, emotional state and identity. Eye contact: Dogs can establish emotional bonds with each other by making eye contact. Eye contact between two dogs can create a feeling of trust and connectedness. Game and Body Language: Dogs socialize and interact with each other through play. Their body language is important for understanding and interacting with other dogs. The way dogs communicate can vary depending on breed, individual personality, age and experiences. Communication allows dogs to understand each other, socialize and establish a social hierarchy.

Both Puppies wants same toy πŸ˜‚ - Cute Video Watch
  • 29.01.2024
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Cute and Funny puppy videos, Both puppies want the same toy

The reaction of the dog's mother, Nora, when she saw a huge cat pretending to be dead next to the puppies
  • 25.01.2024
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The reaction of the dog's mother, Nora, when she saw a huge cat pretending to be dead next to the puppies. A big cat was playing dead next to the playground with her kittens. But a vigilant mother is always there