Shih Tzu Playing with Lhasa Apso Puppies 😍
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Shih-Tzu is normally an active dog, but if allowed, he can lie down and laze around in his favorite spots all day long. He should be encouraged to go out and move to maintain his shape. Short daily walks are sufficient. Since it is prone to weight gain, it should not be overfed. What Does It Do? Shih-Tzu is an alert and brave dog. He has an intelligent and stubborn character. He is cheerful, resilient, sometimes arrogant and arrogant. Although he generally gets along well with children, he can bite when angry or surprised. He has a playful, lively nature. He warms up to strangers quickly and always wants to be with people. It generally gets along well with other pets. Toilet training at home may take some time, but the Shih-Tzu responds to determined and patient training. He is a good watchdog and loves to bark. However, he is usually quiet inside the house.

Sticking my tongue out and back in on command
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Sticking my tongue back IN is always the hardest part. It prefers to poke out a bit 😂

Black/white Shih Tzu puppies
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Average Dog Birth Duration When we look at the stages of the birth process in dogs, it is seen that the number of puppies directly affects the birth time. The average number of puppies varies depending on the breed of dog. Although the average number of offspring expected in a birth is 6-8, it is possible that this number is much higher. For this reason, the dog should be followed by a veterinarian during pregnancy and the number of puppies it will have should be determined by the doctor. This number is "How many hours does it take to give birth to a dog?" It helps to get the average answer to the question. Although there are many factors that are effective in calculating the duration of birth in dogs, the first stage of birth lasts 6-12 hours. When the first stage is completed, all puppies will be born within 2-24 hours. The average duration calculation for a dog with 8 puppies can be made as follows: The onset of labor may take up to 12 hours from the first contractions. After the first baby is born, the average remaining time can be calculated. Considering that puppies are born every 30-60 minutes on average, the time needed for all puppies to be born varies between 4 and 8 hours. However, it is possible for the mother dog to take a break between puppies. For breaks exceeding 120 minutes, a veterinarian should be consulted. These breaks will depend entirely on the dog, but even if each pup is given a long break, the total break time for 8 puppies should not exceed 16 hours.

How Much Should a Shih Tzu Puppy Eat?
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Feeding a Shih Tzu puppy the right amount can be tricky, but this video has all the answers. By the end of this guide, you'll know exactly how to keep your Shih Tzu puppy healthy, happy, and growing strong.

15 Unique Shih Tzu Mix breeds That Will Melt Your Heart
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The Shih Tzu is regarded as one of the most adorable dogs in existence they're even so popular that there are now dozens of shih tzu mixed breeds. in our list of 15 mixed breeds including shih tzu mix poodle , shih tzu mix chihuahua, shih tzu mix maltese, shih tzu mixed with yorkie and you'll definitely find a handful of choices for your family also make sure to watch till the end because you probably might miss the cutest Shih Tzu mixed breeds of all of them.

Shih Tzu Puppies Climbing Stairs for the First Time | Stair Railing
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Learning new skills can be tricky and scary, especially when you're just a brand new lil puppy in the world. Good thing those stairs are carpet!

Abandoned Zzibong met a new family and it was beautiful
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I was abandoned but my new mother spoils me. My mother knows very well how to do this.

A very small puppy (Toy Poodle) grooming for the first time at 3 months old
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Although they vary in shape among the three different types, all Poodles have very showy and eye-catching feathers. Although this breed does not shed very heavily, it is important to maintain its feathers regularly for a healthy and vibrant appearance. Since the shed hairs are curly in nature, they are generally not scattered around the house. This means that there are hairs that are trapped in the fur even though they are shed. In order for the skin to breathe and liveliness, the shed hairs should be removed from the fur by regular combing and the Poddle should be shaved at regular intervals, following the need. Due to the sensitive hair structure, scissor shaving is recommended instead of machine shaving. If this care is not done regularly, the accumulated hair may cause problems on the skin due to lack of air. When we talk about care, we should not only think of hairdresser expenses. Poodles being happy and healthy is directly proportional to their regular exercise and mental activity. Because Poodles are intelligent, loyal and active dogs, they enjoy activities that enable them to obey or track. That's why they should be taken for runs, walks, and care should be taken to give them plenty of energy in playgrounds.

Shihtzu family excited to see daddy!
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Omg that has to be the best welcome home ever! I love Shih Tzu’s! The best dogs ever.

shihtzu playing with his 🐟toy,shihtzu playtime,
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Looking for the right toy for your Shih Tzu Puppy? We've compiled a list of the best toys for your Shih Tzu, starting as a puppy and continuing through adulthood. It can be difficult to understand which type of toys are best, but our guide aims to guide you through this with ease. As you know, Shih Tzu are a toy breed, which means they are very small, so it is important to find a toy that will not cause problems due to their size. Chew Toys: This one is pretty self-explanatory. These are toys that your Shih Tzu will chew on all day until their jaws get tired. If your dog enjoys abusing a good chew toy, you'll usually want a hard rubber or tough nylon one. Make sure it is durable but not too hard so its threads don't get damaged. Interactive Toys: Interactive toys are great for Shih Tzus because this breed is intelligent. These are toys that make sounds or create movement when your dog interacts with it. Retrieving Toys: Shih Tzs are not known to go crazy chasing the ball. But some dogs have a higher prey drive, even with this breed, and they love a good chase after all. Balls fall into this category, as do others such as frisbees, which are used for throwing and retrieving. Brain games: Brain teasers are actually dog puzzles! These are toys that require your puppy or adult dog to think, and generally all age ranges can have fun with them. Basically the setup here is to make your dog work for the treat and solve a puzzle to get it. Treat Containers: Instead of solving a puzzle for food, treat containers allow you to load up the inside of the toy as your pup chases after it and starts chewing on it. These are toys that you can fill with your dog's favorite foods or human treats like peanut butter.

Meet My New Puppy, Junior (9 weeks old Shih Tzu)
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The most important developmental feature of 9-week-old Shih Tzu puppies is the socialization process. During this period, cubs begin to recognize their environment and interact with humans and other animals. A good socialization process can help your Shih Tzu become a more balanced and harmonious adult dog in the future. Therefore, it is important for puppies to be introduced to a variety of people, other animals and different environments during this period. Additionally, starting basic obedience training may be beneficial during this period. This way, your Shih Tzu puppy develops his social skills and gets a healthy start in exploring the world.

My dogs praying before meal
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Dogs' favorite foods usually include: Meat: Dogs' natural diet is meat-based, so meat products are often a favorite food. They especially love various types of meat such as chicken, beef, and turkey. Fish: Fish is both a delicious and healthy option for dogs. Oily fish, especially salmon, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for dogs' skin and coat. Cheese: Dogs generally love cheese. However, some dogs may not tolerate dairy products, so it is important to offer cheese in small amounts. Yogurt: Supporting dogs' digestive system and rich in probiotics, yogurt is a delicious snack for many dogs. But again, some dogs may not be intolerant to dairy products, so it's important to control the amount. Vegetables and fruits: Some dogs love vegetables and fruits. Various vegetables and fruits, especially carrots, pumpkins and apples, can be healthy and delicious snacks for dogs. But some fruits can be harmful to dogs, so it's important to check which fruits and vegetables are safe for your dog.

8 week old Shih Tzu Puppies learn some basic obedience
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Basic Obedience Training Shih Tzu (Shitsu) basic obedience training is a type of training given especially to dogs that will start living at home. With this training, your dog understands basic commands and successfully follows what you want. The main purpose of Shih Tzu basic obedience training is; It is to succeed in eliminating the dog's instincts, at least partially. In other words, it means taming the dog. All dog breeds handle situations that their owners view negatively with the reflex forces coming from their genes. Thanks to basic obedience training, reflexes that exhibit negative behaviors are stopped with a single command. In this way, your dog will stop performing the unwanted behavior. If this command is repeated frequently, this reflex in the dog may dull or disappear completely over time.

Puppy "talking" to Groomer
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Puppy sounds like she is saying "mama"